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dr rostislava pashkevitch


Dr Rostislava Pashkevitch is a world-renowned composer, director, producer, performer and academic. Pashkevitch's successes as a composer range from the musicals MADHOUSE (The Last Hour), King inna de Jungle, Sofia My City, and The Lost Puppets. Pashkevitch also composed the original ballet “Story Time”. Her major works concentrate on avant-garde, reggae, African and popular styles of music.


As a performer, Rostislava has colourful range of music—from baroque, classical, jazz, and reggae to African contemporary styles. Rostislava holds 16 international awards for composition and performance. Her passion as an artist has had enormous influence on the young performers who study music and performing arts.


The title of Dr Pashkevitch's dissertation is “An Innovative Method of Teaching Music in the Musical Theatre Programme of Tshwane University of Technology – RSA”. The study was conducted primarily to empower students from the Musical Theatre Programme with practical knowledge of music through Musical Theatre repertoire. Dr Pashkevitch's academic work is focused primarily on music instruments, intonation and interval perception, as well as perfect pitch, tonality vs atonality.


Rostislava has dedicated most of her time working on community projects and at the current moment is engaged with the NO TO VIOLENCE pilot project.