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We are incredibly excited by your interest in our website. We hope this is the first of your many great experiences at Campus and School Safety Training Institute (CASSTI).


The urgent need to develop a specialized training institute for institutions of learning was born 25 years ago during my early years as a Director of Safety and Security at the University of the North. In the early 1990’s, the University was undergoing a great deal of progressive changes including the inauguration of the late Dr Nelson Mandela as the Chancellor, the expanding of infrastructure and facilities such as EDU Park, installation of new Council members. These progressive changes attracted International attention and the arrival of new and diverse students and staff component across the globe. In 1995, the University environment and profile transformed into a different shape and complexion. With the transformed profile, aspirations and interest of both student and staff gave birth to new demands which Campus Protection Services could not effectively deal with. At a core of the challenge, was the lack of relevant and impactful training programmes to empower security officers to deal with the changed security environment.

Back then, grade E up to A were the only training programmes for anyone aspiring for a career in the industry whether commercial or industrial. Although, Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority has recorded remarkable innovations in recent times in other commercial programmes, the arena of skills development and capacity building has remained unchanged for Schools, Colleges, and Universities in the Republic of South Africa.

Currently, the demands have broadened the challenges even more due to the emerging security matters such as: how to handle Gender Based Violence cases, dealing with Cyber Security threats and forever challenging demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

CASSTI has developed 30 programmes based on international best practices from Europe, United States of America and far East. The purpose of these Programmes is twofold, namely, to provide Key skills needed by security officers in institutions of learning to bring them in line with International Best Practices. Secondly, the intention is to create a pathway for upwards mobility of skilled security officers in institutions of learning. This will therefore create a capacity and the necessary conditions for security officers in institutions of learning to be  profession like other law enforcement agencies.

CASSTI is registered with Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) and Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA).

CASSTI is therefore the first designed training institute to address the urgent and critical needs of security officers in South Africa seeking to acquire relevant capacity to perform their assigned functions professionally, efficiently and impactfully.

As you browse through our website, I have no doubt that whatever security training needs your institution might require are available in the variety of programmes that CASSTI provides.

I hope to interact with your office very soon.

Your sincerely

Stephen Ngobeni

Managing Director


our mission

To deliver world class, impactful, flexible safety and security training programmes that are aligned to the specific needs of both individual and corporate seeking professional development and formal training within schools, colleges and universities.