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The Campus and School Safety Training Institute (CASSTI) provides customised capacity building programmes for safety and security officers to be empowered with skills to effectively and efficiently deal with campus and school crimes in institutions of learning in South Africa.

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The urgent need to develop a specialized training institute for institutions of learning was born 25 years ago during my early years as a Director of Safety and Security at the University of the North. In the early 1990’s, the University was undergoing a great deal of progressive changes including the inauguration of the late Dr Nelson Mandela as the Chancellor, the expanding of infrastructure and facilities such as EDU Park, installation of new Council members. These progressive changes attracted International attention and the arrival of new and diverse students and staff component across the globe. In 1995, the University environment and profile transformed into a different shape and complexion. With the transformed profile, aspirations and interest of both student and staff gave birth to new demands which Campus Protection Services could not effectively deal with. At a core of the challenge, was the lack of relevant and impactful training programmes to empower security officers to deal with the changed security environment.

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Where does the geographic mandate start and end for the jurisdiction of campus crimes for colleges and universities? CASSTI programmes provide guidance and engagement on the needs toward the creation of safer student cities and precincts. The geography of campus safety is not just confined to the narrow confines of the college or university grounds, but should also cover the neighbourhood or precinct around the college or university and all the other off-campus locations that are directly and indirectly connected to the mission of the institutions of learning.



School and Campus Safety Summits